Fulfilling Life Formula

A program designed for women seeking a deeper connection with themselves and others; women ready to move past the revolving door of "quick fixes" to find lasting change and true freedom from painful and toxic relationships, and how to become their true authentic selves

Program Details

Discover Your Beauty

Begin to see your life story in a new and vibrant way

Remember who you are as you embrace your life story; recognize what you are ignoring that needs attention; shift your energy from lack to abundance

Deepen Your Intuition

Understand unconscious beliefs and how to shift them

Understand how your natural fight/flight system highjacks your brain, blocking intuition; gain insight about limiting beliefs that create confusion and cause physical pain and distress

Strengthen Your Confidence

Uncover the radiance that already exists within you

Experience a renewed sense of emotional safety as you become more at peace in the world; why self-esteem does not work and the one secret to generating authentic confidence

The New Relationship Normal

Understanding and accepting each other in new ways

Learn the value of saying "yes" and "no" appropriately; the unspoken rules of conflict; and learn to express yourself in more meaningful ways with love

Expect the Unexpected

Recognize that bumps in the road are a normal process of growth

Learn how to navigate the expansion and contraction of growth without reverting back to old patterns; shift your energy from fear to curiosity

Celebrate the New You

Bringing it all together as the "new you" leads to new possibilities

Connect with your deeper wisdom for clarity and guidance; allow yourself to journey into newly created paths you never imagined possible

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right for you?

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